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last updated: 17 Nov 2017

Satellite Data Page

The main Inner Shelf Dynamics Web site can be found here. The field experiment includes of a number of moorings, coastal radars, and aircraft and ship surveys. These are depicted in Figure I. For a link to the full kml click on the image.  Some of this information is also shown in the combined browse imagery in Table I which contains links to the the satellite imagery collected to date. This website will be updated with new links as imagery is downloaded- generally on a daily basis. Problems viewing or downloading data should be directed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Figure I Innershelf experiment plan


  • All times are in UTC to convert to PDT subtract 7 hours from times given.

  • To browse individual images available take a look at the Image Gallery for this project.

  • Images in a set are combined in Table I below. To view an enlarged image click on the image. To download (after enlarging) right-click and choose "save image as"

  • To download a GeoTiff click on the link. GeoTiff imagery is at higher resolution than the combined browse image and can be viewed in a program such as "Google Earth".

  • CSK= Cosmo SkyMed-SAR, TSX= TerraSarX-SAR, TDX= TanDEM-X-SAR, EROSB-optical (panchromatic), RS2= RadarSat2-SAR

  • For more information on the satellites used visit this page


Table I Satellite Data



Links to GeoTiff's

Combined Browse Image (click to enlarge)

2017-Sept-05 02:22


2017-Sept-05 13:14


2017-Sept-07 14:16 TSX
2017-Sept-08 14:13 RS2
2017-Sept-09 01:58 CSK
2017-09-09 13:38 CSK
2017-Sept-10 13:08 CSK
2017-Sept-11 22:09 EROSB
2017-Sept-12 21:49 EROSB
2017-Sept-13 01:58 CSK

2017-Sept-13 02:22



2017-Sept-14 01:52


2017-Sept-15 01:52


2017-Sept-16 13:44


2017-Sept-16 22:06 EROSB

2017-Sept-17 01:58


2017-Sept-17 21:46 EROSB

2017-Sept-21 02:23


2017-Sept-21 13:14 CSK
2017-Sept-21 13:38 CSK
2017-Sept-24 02:29 CSK
2017-Sept-25 01:59 CSK
2017-Sept-25 02:00 RS2
2017-Sept-26 01:59 CSK
2017-Sept-26 13:08 CSK
2017-Sept-28 13:44 CSK
2017-Sept-29 01:59 CSK
2017-Sept-29 02:22 CSK
2017-Sept-29 13:14 CSK
2017-Sept-29 14:17 TDX
2017-Sept-30 01:53 CSK
2017-Oct-01 01:53 CSK
2017-Oct-02 13:44 CSK
2017-Oct-03 01:59 CSK
2017-Oct-03 13:38 CSK
2017-Oct-04 13:08 CSK
2017-Oct-07 02:23 CSK
2017-Oct-07 13:14 CSK
2017-Oct-10 02:29 CSK
2017-Oct-10 14:16 TDX
2017-Oct-12 13:08 CSK
2017-Oct-14 13:44 CSK
2017-Oct-15 01:59 CSK
2017-Oct-15 13:44 CSK
2017-Oct-16 01:53 CSK





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